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Forces Loaded on the Back of Manual Material Handling Tasks' Workers of Food Industries in Malard Using"3D Static Strength Prediction Program” (8813 Views)
Fire Risk Assessment in Hotels and Resorts Using FRAME (A case study of four-star hotels in Mashhad) (4585 Views)
Identification and Assessment of Dangers' Risk in Production Hall of Radiator Parts a Metal Industry with JSA Method (4119 Views)
Evaluating and Ranking Safety Risks of Isfahan Municipality Construction Projects Using Taxonomic Techniques and Risk Breakdown Structure Approach (4079 Views)
Evaluation of Health, Safety, and Environment Attitude among Office Workers (3938 Views)
Risk Assessment by FMEA Method and the Impact of Deploying an Integrated Management System (IMS) Risk Priority Number (RPN) (3473 Views)
Identification and Assessment of Occupational Risks in Mechanized Excavation of Metro Tunnel using the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Technique (FMEA) (3319 Views)
Analysis of the Death-Leading Accident in Working with Boom Reclaimer Device using the Tripod beta and SCAT Combined Method in a Steel Company (3242 Views)
Assessment of Risk Factors and Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Barbers of Kerman City Using REBA Method (3130 Views)
The Effect of Job Stress and Work Load on Job Satisfaction among Employees of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine (3077 Views)
The Relationship between Shift Work and Occupational Burnout among Nurses in a Teaching Hospital in Ahvaz (3005 Views)
Patient Safety Culture from Rahnemon Hospital Nurses’ Perspective (2756 Views)
Evaluation of the Intensity of Lighting and Its Relationship with Students' Visual Fatigue in Study Rooms of Zabol University of Medical Sciences in 2016 (2646 Views)
The Role of Age and Work Experience on Fatigue, Health, and Social Well-being of Employees; a Case Study of Iran Railway Transportation Employees (2637 Views)
Comparison and Evaluation of the Mental Health and Life Satisfaction between Male and Female Employees of Counseling Clinics in Yazd City (2628 Views)
Servuy of Mental Health among Fire Department Employees of Shiraz city in 2016 (2613 Views)
The Relationship between Ergonomic Conditions and Productivity of Librarians Working in Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Affiliated Educational-Research Centers, Yazd in 2014 (2590 Views)
Investigating the Factors Affecting Violence against Emergency Nurses in Sabzevar Medical Sciences Hospitals (2590 Views)
Survey of Safety Culture and Its Relation to Work-Related Accidents in a City Train Project (2586 Views)
Ergonomic Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorders' Risk Factors in Construction Workers by PATH Method (2535 Views)
Assessment of Risk Factors and Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Coppersmiths of Kerman City by RULA Method (2526 Views)
Comparison of Offshore and Onshore Employees' Job Stress of Oil and Gas Company in Western Part of Iran (2505 Views)
The Relationship between Job Burnout and Quality of Life of Nurses in Khatam-ol-Anbia, Gonbad-e-Kavoos Hospital in 2017 (2445 Views)
Occupational Stress among Health Nurses Working in Health Services Centers in Gonbad Kavous - 2016 (2435 Views)
Assessment of Risk Factors and Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders in staff members of Imam Khomeini Hospital in Shirvans Using REBA Method (2419 Views)
Investigation of Housekeeping Principles and Its Effective Factors in Micro-Scale Enterprises in 2015, Shiraz, Iran (2409 Views)
Risk Assessment of Hospital Staffs' Healthcare by MAPO Index Method (2378 Views)
Bafgh Central Iron Ore Workers' Health Problems Based on Work Schedules (2361 Views)
Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Workers, Petrochemical Industry (2340 Views)
Investigating Consequence Modeling of Methane Release at CNG Fuel Stations in Ahvaz City (2334 Views)
The Attitude of Nurses in Hospitals of Kermanshah towards Safety climate (2305 Views)
Investigating the Relationship between Parents' Job Satisfaction with Mental Health of Male Children in the 6th Grade of the Elementary School in Taft (2249 Views)
The Effect of Coping Strategies on work Stress among Tile Factory workers in Abadeh (2240 Views)
The Relationship between Work-Family Conflict, Job Stress, and Accidental Potential: A case study of Tehran-Shahrood fiber optic line construction project (2233 Views)
Identifying and Evaluating Operating Room Hazards in Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Kashan using the JSA Technique and its Relationship with Prioritized Engineering and Managerial Controls (2220 Views)
Evaluation of Ergonomic Risk in Para Clinical Sections (Laboratory-Pathology-Radiology and CT scan) by ROSA Method in Treatment Centers (A Case Study of Baqiyatollah Hospital) (2191 Views)
Knowledge and Attitudes of Environmental and Occupational Health Engineering Students towards the Benefits and Risks of Nanotechnology (2164 Views)
Safety and Health Status of Educational and Research Laboratories of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences based on ELMERI Approach (2127 Views)
Assessment of Workplace Harmful Factors in Small Workshops (2123 Views)
Health Safety and Environmental Hazards of the Chlorination Unit of Combined Cycle Power Plants by Using HAZOP and Bow-Tie Methods (2121 Views)
Investigation of Color Blindness Prevalence among Students of Yazd Medical Sciences Universities (2102 Views)
The Effect of Educational Intervention Using Attitude- Behavior Pattern of Health Nutrition on Labor Productivity Index (2089 Views)
HSE Hazard Analysis in Iran Yasa Rubber Industry Using the Approach HEMP& BOW-TIE (2085 Views)
Evaluating the lighting Status of Urban Parks in Kerman in 2016 (2074 Views)
Investigating of the Relationship between Occupational Accident and Behavioural Pattern among Workers in One of the Motorcycle Assembly Lines (2046 Views)
Using Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach to Determine the Control Priority of Gaseous Pollutants from the Economic – Environmental Perspective in a Combined Cycle Power Plant in 2017 (2045 Views)
The Patient Safety Culture from the Viewpoint of Staffs Working in the Selected Hospital of Yazd University of Medical Sciences in 2018 (2014 Views)
Multi-Group Analysis of Workers in the Steel Production Industry Using Partial Least Squares Approach (PLS-MGA in Occupational Accidents) (1989 Views)
The Effect of Work - Family Conflict and Work Locus of Control on Accident-Proneness: The mediator role of stress (1975 Views)
Risk Assessment of Occupational Exposure of Refinery Unit Site Staffs to Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylene Compounds (BTEX) in an Oil Company (1958 Views)
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